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this is your story now.

you'll be my living legacy.

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fanfiction archive

this is your story

... is a fanfiction community and archive run by, and for, Espo and Candace. The purpose of this community is for then to post up any fanfics they write online, right here on eljay. Feel free to browse the masterlist of all the fics posted to date. Feel free to join and watch the community for future updates!

only you know how it ends

A list of those who currently write for the comm. If you are interested in their stories, take a look at the memories. All stories will be archived there for future use, so you can keep up with several chapter stories, or look for other fiction from the same series.

Candace - knightess
Espo - lingers [mod]

so what does espo write?

Espo has written stories for the following fandoms which have been posted to the community: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kingdom Hearts, Card Captor Sakura, Tokyo Babylon, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Fire Emblem, Old Kingdom Trilogy, Shugo Chara!, Persona 4, Another Code, The World Ends With You, Twilight, and Final Fantasy XIII.

However she's quite open to any of her other fandoms, which you can see on her interests; she mostly writes when hit by inspiration and it can be about just about anything. Expect to see a variety of fics from her. She has, however, noticed a trend in that they tend to be particularly morbid or sad and that they also have a tendancy to be about her favourite pairings.

so what does candace write?

Candace has written stories for the following fandoms which have been posted to the community: Kingdom Hearts, Prince of Persia, Crisis Core, Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy X, and Assassin's Creed.

She's a budding writer. She needs to give Espo something interesting to put here...

why the name?

The name of the community? The process for finding the name of any site or something of significance is lengthy, but this was fairly an obvious choice once Espo stumbled across it. Early on she decided she wanted 'story' in the title, and whilst she was looking through various images on her hardrive for inspiration for a top banner, she saw a picture of Auron (Final Fantasy X), and Auron's words popped into my head. 'This is your story'. Which sounds good, for one thing, and the name wasn't taken, for another. Plus, it is your story, the people who write the fanfiction. It can be about anything. It belongs to them. It is their story.

memento mori

Original layout from appleleaf ♥ All graphics on the site made by Espo (winged-requiem). Do not steal them! All stories are courtesty of their authors and should in no way be stolen. No infrigement intended; we are simply fans writing stories for fans.