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[fic] Final Fantasy XIII - Yellow Feathered Birds

Title: Yellow Feathered Birds
Author: lingers
Series: Final Fantasy XIII
Characters: Sazh and Dajh.
Rating: G
Type: Drabble
Summary: Sazh and Dajh talk about chocobos.
Notes: Pre-game. Pre-Euride Gorge.

"Kweh! Kweh! Kweh, kweh!"

Sazh laughed as Dajh swayed about on his shoulders, cupping his hands around his mouth as he continued to cry out, his voice echoing around them. "Dajh, what are you doing?"

"Pretending I'm a chocobo," Dajh said, indignant, stopping the cries for a moment whilst he looked down at his dad, but the silence didn't last for long. "Kweh, kweh! I sound like one, don't I?"

"Well, if you had some yellow feathers and a huge beak, then you would."

Dajh laughed, before resting his hands across Sazh's hair, thoughtful. "Dad! Don't be silly. I said sound like one, not look like one."

"I know, I know," Sazh conceded. "But to complete the effect, that's what you need."

"Maybe," Dajh said, his voice lowering; Sazh couldn't see him, but he could guess he'd probably closed his eyes against the city around him, and not thinking about being a chocobo, either. He was probably thinking about other things, meaningful things; and that made Sazh concentrate solely on walking for a moment, one foot in front of the other, deep in thoughts of his own.

"Dad?" Dajh said suddenly, and Sazh looked up to his right, seeing Dajh's head there, looking him straight in the eye.


"Could we get a chocobo someday? Please? I promise I'd look after it. Do you think we'd be able to keep it at home even after it grows up? Even if we can't, could we get one, Dad?"

Sazh pulled a mock-face for a moment, making a grand display of thinking it over, Dajh all expectant, brimming with slight excitement. "Well... " he held the word longer than necessary, playful, lightly amused at seeing Dajh’s face get more animated the more anticipated he got. He finally continued, "... maybe. Maybe there's room."

"Yay!" Dajh exclaimed, clapping his hands together. "That means yes!"

"Woah, woah, I didn't say yes," Sazh pointed out, but he was smiling, regardless.

"But that's what you meant, Dad," Dajh replied, suddenly subdued through his delight. His words could be taken as simply what kids would say to get their way, but Sazh knew that Dajh was a smart kid - he could easily see through the playful banter, and not to mention the fact that Sazh was smiling despite protesting. That, and Sazh couldn't really deny him much anymore. His happiness was the priority, as it should be; as it always would be. Not to mention how hard it had been, to lose his mother, and also, seeing Dajh trying so hard to make his Dad happy, a man who had lost his wife.

Oh, and Dajh had loved chocobos for years. Maybe it would be good for him to have a friend.

"I guess I do mean yes," Sazh said, stopping and lifting Dajh off his shoulders, before lightly placing him on the ground, and ruffling his hair. "Does this mean I need training?"

"In what?" Dajh said, looking up at his father, slightly confused.

"In how to sound like a chocobo, from the little chocobo-man himself."

Dajh was silent for a moment, before his face spread into a huge grin. "Well, you need to... take a deep breath, and then you need to think like a chocobo, and then you need to do the most important part.... kweh!"

Sazh breathed in dramatically, before letting it out, and letting out a whimpering, "Kweh?"

Dajh laughed, attempting to pull a face in disappointment or annoyance, but just ended up falling into reams of laughter all over again. "Not quite, Dad. But you'll be good at it someday."
Tags: fandom: final fantasy xiii, fanfic, type: drabble, written by: espo
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