i'll keep my head up high (lingers) wrote in thisisyourstory,
i'll keep my head up high


As you are probably aware, last Friday, March 10th, Japan was hit by an 8.9 earthquake. And since, a tsunami, over a hundred aftershocks and volcanos erupting and a nuclear plant meltdown.

Both me (Espo) and Candace are contributing to help_japan, with the offer of fanfiction. If you can, please bid on either of our posts. You can read the particulars there; this is just a heads up, since we know you guys like our fic from following us in the first place! Thank you, guys. ♥

Candace's [knightess] thread (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts)
Espo's [lingers] thread (Doctor Who, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Persona)
Tags: *aid, *prompts, fanfic
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